The Venues.js file

// JavaScript Document
    		Heritage Open Day Maps - Example page			Vn 2.0 		10-Aug-2016
            See  for documentation, and
            guide to preparing a webpage
			Edit this script to define your map position and your locations
      	function initMap() {
			/*   Define the center of the map, and the initial zoom level   */
        	theMap = new google.maps.Map( document.getElementById('map'), 
            	                          {center: {lat: 51.511, lng: -0.084}, zoom: 15 })
		  	return theMap;

		function MyVenues( Venue ){
//      Returns array of Venue objects
		var Venues = [];
		Add one line for each venue ( to create an array of Venue instances ) -
			Title 		-   The venue name as it will appear in the venues table
			{lat,Lng}  	-   Venue location (can be found by clicking its location on google maps )
			TagName		-	TagName.html is the venue description, TagName_th.jpg a thumbnail image
			Hours		-	String displayed in opening hours column of the venue table
		Sample entry -
			Venues[ix] = new  Venue(  ix, "Title "        , 		{lat:51., lng:-0.1}, "TagName", 	"Hours" ); ix++;
		ix = 0;
		Venues[ix] = new  Venue(  ix, "The Tower of London",{lat:51.509378, lng:-0.077897}, "ToL", "10:00-18:00" ); ix++;
		Venues[ix] = new  Venue(  ix, "The Bank of England",{lat:51.513705, lng:-0.088411}, "BoE", "11:55-12:05" ); ix++;
		return Venues;	

The Venues.js file

Edit this file, to set the center of your map, and the initial zoom level (in the 'new google.maps.Map' call). To find the latitude and longitude of the centre, click on the point in Google maps; the coordinates are shown in a popup window.

Enter a description for each venue (in function MyVenues) as shown-

Title (2nd parameter)
is the identification to be entered in the Venues table
lat & lng, may be found from Google Maps
is used to identify the description & image (thumbnail) files
Opening hours, displayed in the Venues table

Be sure to include the ix++; statement after each definition, to prevent subsequent redefinition of the same array element.